Soon after becoming a believer, I found myself hungry to study the Word of God, and that hunger has only grown over the years. About fifteen years later, after Bible college and earning two seminary degrees, I finally came to know in my heart what had only been a concept in my head: GRACE. Since that time, my driving passion has been to help people understand what I had to learn through the “school of hard knocks”.

What I didn’t know early on was how that passion for God’s Word and Grace would put me on a path. That path would place me in many different roles and take me to many different places. Over the years, I have served as a Bible teacher, pastor, professor, elder and small group discipleship facilitator.

For the past several years, I have been actively involved in teaching and discipleship ministries both locally and around the globe. My goal is always to explain what the Bible means by what it says so that people grow in their trust of God and their experience of His grace . I’ve watched many Christians move from feeling “stuck” or “defeated” into the pleasure of a relationship with a loving Father, all because they see that the Bible actually teaches His love and acceptance .

On the local level, I have recently served as a pastor and an elder, and am now actively involved in a discipleship ministry in my church. Internationally, I had been traveling to Russia at least once a year and teaching Bible conferences for Calvary Chapel pastors and leaders until 2020 “when everything changed”. I have also been teaching Bible exposition classes for pastors and leaders in Honduras for several years, working with both Grace Biblical Seminary and World Baptist Missions.

Most recently, God has opened a door for teaching ministry with Calvary Bible Institute in the country of Georgia; Georgia has many Persian refugees who are young believers with a limited knowledge of the Bible. Grace is even more difficult for them to understand because of what they have experienced. I have been given an opportunity to pour into their lives, and that is where I would like to ask for your help. I am partnering with Headwaters Calvary Chapel of Driggs, Idaho in order to raise support for this ministry. I want to help raise up Persian servant leaders by teaching them the truth of God’s Word and His Grace. If you share my vision, would you help me be able to devote my time to this ministry?