Does a Christian’s understanding of God’s grace make any practical difference? If Christians can experience everything from pride to doubt, guilt, fear and shame, then the answer is absolutely YES! This ministry is all about enlightening leaders to the fact that grace really is amazing, so that they can share that same knowledge and experience with those they lead. Find out more here.

Prof. Tom Eckman has been the Professor of New Testament Greek and Exposition at Grace Biblical Seminary since 2007. He holds theological degrees from Criswell College (Master of Arts and Bachelor of Arts), Capital Bible Seminary (Master of Divinity) and Grace Biblical Seminary (Master of Theology). His advanced training is in linguistics and discourse analysis (UTA/SIL/Summer Institute of Linguistics). He has taught various Bible exposition (and Koine Greek) classes in the United States, Brazil, French Canada, Honduras, Ukraine and Russia. He works currently with Calvary Bible Institute (a Calvary Chapel ministry) in Tbilisi, Georgia.